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About Us

Lab Clean LLC was founded on February 14th, 2005 by entrepreneurs Matt Bays and Mark Cunningham. The company mission was clear from day one:

Formulate and market the finest premium products that clean, shine and protect our most valuable possessions while ensuring mimimal impact on the environment, without sacraficing quality.

With than mission, the company launched their first line-up of Bayes Hi Performance household cleaners at the March 2007 International Home and Houseware Show in Chicago.
"It was our to illustrate to consumers that green cleaning did not mean sacraficing performance" noted, Matt.

The initial launch proved to be successful and we went to work in our lab on growing  the product offering. Introducing new items has not been as easy as we anticapated. Developing products that meet both the enviromental and performance standards we set however has proved to be the cornerstone of our business.

Today Lab clean LLC offfers over several green items including their popular "Waterless Car Wash".

You can learn more about the entire Bayes line via our web site at

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